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Amy Lee Sanford (b. 1972 Phnom Penh) is a Cambodian-American visual artist working in both two and three dimensions, and performance. Her work explores the evolution of emotional stagnation, and the lasting psychological effects of war, including aspects of guilt, loss, alienation, and displacement.

Watching and experiencing the difficulties of the Lon Nol era, her father arranged for Amy to live with his American wife in the United States. In July, 1974, nine months before the Khmer Rouge took full control of the country, Barbara arrived in Phnom Penh for Amy. Amid rocket launches and raids, Barbara and infant Amy left Cambodia. Amy grew up in the northeastern US.

At Brown University, Amy studied art, science, and engineering. She furthered her art studies with individual courses at The Rhode Island School of Design, University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth and Harvard University. She started up an artisan company, where she designed and fabricated handmade, tessellated, porcelain tiles and mosaics for residential and commercial interiors.

Republique Khmere (January 13, 1975), 2013, Unfolding Installation, archival pigment print, 100cm x 193.87cm (39.37" x 76.32")
supply of food for a month (29 September, 1973), 2013, Unfolding installation, archival pigment print, 39.37” x 66.69”)
when she got on the plane (September 21, 1974), 2013, Unfolding installation, archival pigment print, 100cm x 150cm (39.37” x 55.64”)